Commonly Addressed Conditions 

Dr. Bethany works with patients of all ages to improve their health and always focuses on supporting overall stress resiliency, which is crucial for all health concerns. Some commonly addressed conditions include:

  • anxiety, depression, panic, and behavioral disorders in adults and children 

  • insomnia and sleep disturbances

  • disordered eating and relationship with food, body image issues

  • sexual, reproductive, and relationship health 

  • hormone imbalance and related diseases

  • preconception and infertility support

  • pregnancy and postpartum support 

  • grief and caretaker support

  • insomnia and sleep disturbances  

  • gastrointestinal disorders 

  • environmental allergies and sensitivities

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools 

Lab Testing 

  • Assessment of hormones, nutrients, environmental toxins, and genetic response to pharmacologic therapies. Commonly used tests include Genomind, DUTCH, NutrEval and GIEffects.

Mind-Body Medicine​

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques

  • Intuitive eating and lifestyle counseling 

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy 

Flower Essences 

  • Gentle flower extracts for emotional support. Click here to read Dr. Waller's blog about flower essences.

Rubimed Psychosomatic Energetics

  • Rubimeds are combination homeopathic remedies to repair emotional conflicts and reintegrate energetic blocks created in response to stress. You can read more about Rubimeds here

Nutrient and Botanical Medicines

  • Effective, high-quality herb and nutrient supplements are available at 20% off the retail price for patients through Dr. Waller's Fullscript online dispensary.


Biomat Therapy 

The Biomat combines far infrared rays (FIR), negative ions and the healing benefits of amethyst crystals in a healing mat.

FIR are closely related to the rays of the sun without the negative UVA/UVB radiation. Negative ions are found in nature and have the same healthy effect that spending time by a waterfall does. Amethysts are highly conductive crystals and able to carry the high frequency and more powerful far-infrared rays into the body.

The Biomat increases the microcirculation in the cells which strengthens the health of the body. Individuals report better sleep, deeper relaxation, less anxiety, along with decreased pain and stiffness after sessions. 

Ionic Foot Baths

Ionic foot baths are a non invasive, gentle way to refresh and relax the body. The sessions last 30 minutes long and you sit back and while the water changes color and texture.

The heavier particulates in the water are due to the metal of the plate reacting with the salt water. The floating particulates are the ones that you are more focused on. These particulates relate in color to the different organ systems that are releasing toxins as the ions react with them.

Patients have reported they have gotten relief from headaches, allergies, constipation, joint pain, menstrual cramps and low energy while also commenting about getting better sleep following their sessions.