Commonly Addressed Conditions 

Dr Waller works with patients of all ages to improve their stress resiliency, which is crucial for all health concerns. So commonly addressed conditions include:

  • anxiety, depression, panic, and behavioral disorders in adults and children 

  • insomnia and sleep disturbances

  • disordered eating and relationship with food, body image issues

  • sexual, reproductive, and relationship health 

  • hormone imbalance and related diseases

  • preconception and infertility support

  • pregnancy and postpartum support 

  • grief and caretaker support

  • insomnia and sleep disturbances  

  • gastrointestinal disorders 

  • environmental allergies and sensitivities

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools 

Lab Testing 

  • Assessment of hormones, nutrients, environmental toxins, and genetic response to pharmacologic therapies including DUTCH and Genomind tests

Mind-Body Medicine​

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques

  • Intuitive living and lifestyle counseling 

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy 

Flower Essences 

  • Gentle flower extracts for emotional support. Click here to read Dr. Waller's blog about flower essences.

Rubimed Psychosomatic Energetics

  • Rubimeds are combination homeopathic remedies to repair emotional conflicts and reintegrate energetic blocks created in response to stress. You can read more about Rubimeds here

Nutrient and Botanical Medicines

  • Effective, high-quality herb and nutrient supplements are available at 25% off the retail price for patients through Dr. Waller's Fullscript online dispensary.


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