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Membership Packages

Dr. Bethany Waller exclusively offers membership packages for comprehensive Naturopathic Medicine services for children and adults as well as for flower essence and Rubimed therapies. Memberships to take the guesswork out of scheduling follow ups, and offer the greatest discounts on visit fees, labs and supplements, allowing you to focus on your healing. Visit the FAQs section on the homepage to learn more about why Dr. Waller suggests memberships for truly transformational healing. 

Comprehensive Naturopathic Medicine

Available in 6 and 12 month subscriptions which include:​

  • One 60 minute intake appointment.

  • One 30-minute follow up appointment each month.

  • Functional lab recommendations, orders and interpretation:

    •  Results will be posted to your Practice Better portal during follow up visit.

  • Personalized Treatment plan:

    • Includes high-quality, therapeutic-grade herb and nutrient supplements shipped directly to you.

  • 50% off any additional visits during membership.

  • One 50% off visit coupon for a friend or family member.

  • 30% off additional supplements during membership.

  • Access to exclusive practitioner only pricing for functional lab tests.

  • Access to instant messaging with Dr. Waller.

  • Ongoing support, each step of the way including access to online tracking journals.

Only available to residents of Washington and Colorado!


Rubimed Therapy

Available in 6 and 12 month subscriptions which include:

  • Two Online 50-minute Rubimed Therapy sessions per month.​

  • Access to direct messaging with Dr. Waller. 

  • 50% off additional Rubimed Therapy sessions.

    • Discount can be used at any time during the membership.

  • Two Rubimed Remedies​​

  • Personalized Rubimed Therapy Plan 

    • Includes personalized prompts for each remedy blend to help you go deeper in your healing.

  • 50% off discount Rubimed Therapy intake session for a friend

Flower Essence Therapy

Available in 6 and 12 month subscriptions which include:


  • One 50-minute Flower Essence Therapy session per month:

  • 50% off additional Flower Essence Therapy visits during membership.

  • Unlimited messaging with Dr. Waller.

  • Custom Flower Essence Blend each month.

    • Handmade with your choice of of traditional              brandy-extract, organic apple cider vinegar, or glycerin.

  • One 50% off coupon for a flower essence intake for a friend.

  • Ongoing support, every step of your holistic healing journey.

  • includes monthly re-evaluation of Flower Essence blend, lifestyle and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and coaching to compliment your work.

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