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Why I don't take insurance.

Here's the thing....

The healthcare system is broken. Over 14% of adults in the US are uninsured ( Approximately 133 million Americans or more than 40% of the total population, have a chronic health condition (

During my residency I saw first-hand the amazing care naturopathic doctors can provide in a primary care role. Unfortunately, in most states, this is not the case. Since moving back to Colorado, numerous people have asked me if I take insurance. I do not. There are many reasons for this but mostly, because I cannot offer the revolutionary care you deserve through your insurance plan.

The insurance system is based on what many of us refer to as a "sick care" model, one in which you go to the doctor only when you "need" to, and even then, only to providers in which your insurer allows, following protocols they have set. I offer transformational care that goes way beyond the limits of what insurance covers. My visits are listed for a certain duration of time, but my patients do not pay me by the hour. Not only do I spend longer with my patients than insurance will even pay for in most circumstances, I spend an additional 2 hours, on average, per visit, doing research, forming an individualized treatment plan, and coordinating care.

I act as a partner in my patients' healthcare journey, walking alongside them each step of the way so my patients can have the best outcomes possible. I can only make sure that is happening if we are following up regularly. Naturopathic medicine involves lifestyle and mindset changes that can make months, years, lifetimes to fully incorporate. Seeing you once and giving you the information you need to make changes is great, but rarely results in significant changes.

That is why I am including the first follow up visit in the initial intake visit fee this spring, 2021.

My patients don't have to budget for their follow up appointment, or remember to re-schedule. I will schedule them at the end of each visit so you know you have the ongoing support you'll need to meet your health goals. My comprehensive medicine packages take this a step further, taking the stress and guess-work out of planning and budgeting for visits, labs and supplements for 6-12 months.

Whether you're scheduling as needed or fully committed to a program, I am able to pass along my overhead savings of not having a physical office, so you can receive the best natural medicine has to offer.


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