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The Therapeutic Order

Although not an official principle of naturopathic medicine, the therapeutic order is a model for how naturopathic physicians approach assessment and treatment of disease for each individual. Using this model in our clinical thinking helps to reinforce the principles that guide our profession. Ideally, we aim to match our level of pathology to the appropriate level within the therapeutic order which is:

1. Establish the conditions for health

-By addressing the Determinants of Health

-Identify and remove disturbing factors (obstacles to cure)

-Institute a more healthful regimen

2. Stimulate the Vis Medicatrix Naturae (healing power of nature)

3. Tonify weakened systems

4. Correct structural integrity

5. Address pathology: Use natural substances

6. Address pathology: Use pharmacological or synthetic substances

7. Suppress or surgically remove pathology

Thank you to Dr Pamela Snider for being instrumental in my understanding of the great impact the naturopathic principles, the therapeutic order and the determinants of health have on stimulating the vis! To find a ND near you visit (AANP). For more information on these topics visit

Zeff, Jared & Snider, Pamela & Myers, Stephen. (2006). A Hierarchy of Healing: The Therapeutic Order. Stephen P Myers. 10.1016/B978-1-437

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