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Intro to Rubimed Therapy

I wanted to write an introduction to Rubimeds, which have been arguably the most important tool I have found in my own healing journey. Rubimeds are combination homeopathic remedies that work to balance our energy fields and re-integrate any energy that has been scattered during traumatic events and strong emotions. Reintegrating our energy fields allows us to be more fully present and confident in our lives and journeys. I know, all of this sounds just abstract, but stay with me here. The human energy field is something that we are discovering more about in modern science each day. Our energy has been well described, and a focus for deep healing, by most ancient medical practices. The system works on chakras, but also key emotional conflicts in each chakra that are common to the human experience. Many people are familiar with Chakra means wheel, and corresponds to major nerve root groups and organ systems in the body. I like to think of chakras, and other energy fields as the connection between our physical body, and the collective consciousness, or God itself. Wheels of collective energies that make us, us! Our energy fields also house the energetic substance of our thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions have power over our physical body due to these energetic connections. This is why many have felt the power of meditation, mindset and positive affirmations, which all work to support Rubimed therapy.

I like to describe our energy field starting at the elements, the most basic literal, elements, of life. Most of us are familiar with the way atoms are more energy and space, than actual substance, yet they make up all physical substances of the universe. Each atom contains sub particles swirling around each other in an energy field. Each atom, cell, tissue type and organ takes on each energy field of the one before and makes up their own unique energy field together, unifying it as kidney, or stomach, etc.

Organs with close proximity and complimentary functions, that work together, create different energy centers, or chakras, that extend in vortexes within and beyond our physical bodies. This is where the Rubimeds work. Described as psychosomatic energetics, Rubimes work on both the energy but also physical levels of us all. Dubbed "psychotherapy in a bottle," in Europe, where they originate, many people find that troublesome behaviors and negative patterns tend to melt away with Rubimed Therapy. In Europe, use of combination homeoapthic remedies for organ system support and detoxification, or drainage, is common in the field of Biologic medicine.

Rubimeds were made by Reimar Banis, MD, ND, in Germany. In Europe, and more and more physicians here are using systems of autonomic response testing (ART) in Biologic Medicine to prescribe remedies like Rubimeds. But here is where the "science" gets shaky. ART is a form of applied kinesiology or muscle testing (AK), which has been debunked numerous times in our western science research. I tend to be a naturopath who likes to be very evidence based in her prescriptions of herbs and nutrients (although these things have energetic qualities to them, they work on the physical body and I don't feel like ART is suitable for these prescriptions). Since Rubimeds work on the energetic body first and foremost, working with a practitioner to test your energetic field is important for the right prescription.

I was skeptical at first as well. Homeopathy on its own was foreign to me before I went to naturopathic medical school, let alone this completely different system. I gave it a try and my life has been forever changed. Using what we call the acute remedies (more on that later) my anxiety was cured! I have had life long, crippling anxiety and panic attacks. I began taking Anxvita, a homeopathic blend in the Rubimed system specifically for tonifying the nervous system and after a few months the ever present shaky feeling I've carried behind my shoulders went away. Now I may experience normal situational anxiety under appropriate circumstances, but I have not had a panic attack since. No prescription medication, or years of talk therapy had ever produced these results I so desperately sought. I was hooked. From there Rubimeds have changed my life in numerous ways over the past 6 years. I will work on writing these things up for you, but for now I just wanted to introduce you to Rubimeds as a concept, as I am so excited to use Rubimeds with my patients.

There is a lot more to learn about the human energy field and psychosomatic energetics. If you are interested in more information about Rubimed Therapy, please visit the manufacture, Biomed's, website at If you are interested in working with me for Rubimed Therapy, I am happy to offer half of all consultations through the end of 2020. Just schedule with me and I can apply the discount during your initial visit. Have questions? Leave them below!

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