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Easy Ways To Reduce Toxin Exposure

Reducing toxin exposure is a foundational recommendation I make to most of my clients who are trying to conceive, but is also helpful for numerous conditions related to hormone imbalance, but also immune, and neuro-psychological issues. Whether you have an auto-immune condition, or deal with chronic infections fatigue or pain, or just want to maintain energy, I wanted to post my basic tips that I find myself writing again and again in my patients' treatment plans. If you find you have questions, or are interested in working with me to incorporate some of these changes, feel free to send me a message. Luckily, many of the resources I included have easy to follow guides that help making these changes easy!

  • Shop using the Environmental Working Group's clean fifteen and dirty dozen lists, which include the foods with the least, and most, pesticide residues, respectively. When possible, buy organic produce if the item is listed on the dirty dozen list for the current year.

  • Avoid food products containing natural and artificial flavors and colors.

  • Avoid eating, or limit consumption of fish and seafoods to recommendations by region, set by

  • Avoid eating from, storing, or preparing foods packaged in plastic containers/wraps.

  • Cast iron, stainless steel (18/0), glass, and ceramic cook wear are safe for preparing, storing and re-heating food.

  • Avoid cooking with Teflon, copper, ceramic coated or aluminum cook wear.

  • Avoid all personal care, cosmetic and cleaning products which contain phthalates and fragrances/perfumes. Yes, this means actual perfume. Even :natural fragrances" and essential oils can contain toxins, and are irritating to sensitive skin.

  • Use Environmental Working Group's Consumer Guides, Skin Deep Database, and guidelines for personal care, beauty and household product recommendations to learn more.

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